I finished my HVAC job a couple hours early

My girlfriend started working at the hospital. When she passed her doctor’s exam, she wanted to immediately begin working. I understood exactly why, because the pay was $10 an hour more than it was for the job that she was doing. Unfortunately, the only position at the hospital was on night shift. My lady started working days about 2 weeks ago and it has been honestly rough on her. She does not sleep legitimately well when the daylight is out. Even though we have shades on the windows and dark curtains, she still lies awake in the day for a while. I work as an heating and air conditioning repair specialist for a commercial and residential dealer. As a heating and air conditioning repair specialist, my job will vary from day to day. I might have a cooling system repair in the day or a boiler quote in the afternoon. I do not usually finish until after 4:00 and sometimes it’s even later than that. On Thursdays I do not usually finish until 8:00 or 9:00. Last Thursday was her birthday and I honestly wanted to have lunch with her before she went to work. I convinced my boss to let me leave a couple of hours early so my girlfriend and I could get lunch before she went to work. We went to one of our favorite dive bars for wings and fries and watched part of the game. When it was time for her to go to work, I stayed to finish enjoying the rest of the game with my buddies.


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