I discovered that my HVAC unit has a shut-off switch

Did you know that your HVAC unit has an on/off shut-off switch? All these years, I have always had a HVAC unit inside my apartment or home and never knew about it.

I always assumed that the shut-off switch was at the breaker, but there is another switch that is next to the unit itself.

The shut-off switch for my HVAC unit is next to the condenser outside. I have always seen the small box on the wall next to the condenser unit, but I have never looked inside or have I ever inquired about it. Plus, I usually leave all the outdoor maintenance to my HVAC technician, and he has never mentioned the shut-off switch to me. It is important to know where the shut-off switch is in case you need to shut down the power to the outdoor condenser, the air handler as well as the other components of the HVAC unit. In addition to the shut-off switch, the breaker is another way to fully cut the power to the HVAC unit. I don’t anticipate using either switch any time in the near future. Let’s face it, I have never had a need to fully cut the power to my HVAC unit. Although, I don’t believe I will be using either switch, it is good to know where they are just in case. In my head, I would rather know where the switches are and not need to use them, than needing to use the switches and can’t find them. Makes logical sense to me. So, if you’re like me and don’t know where your HVAC unit cut-off switch is, take some time to find out. You never know, you might need to use it at some point.

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