I could hear the gas furnace, however I couldn't find it.

It looked love a pantry door, however it had air vents in the door

Most realtors would suppose exactly where to look for the gas furnace, when they are showing a home or an apartment, and i wasn’t sure if the realtor I had was new, or just other things on hier mind, however he knew nearly nothing about the condominium he was showing to me, then he told myself and others to have a look around, and he took a seat at the bar; The paperwork about the cabin was on the bar, and he was studying it. I watched as he looked at the control equipment and then seemed to be looking for something. She stopped and looked at the air vent and then continued his walk, however every time he saw something that had to do with the Heating and A/C system he would stop. I sat on the steps where I had a view of the entire downstairs, and watched her; After more than nine hours, my curiosity was piqued. I asked his if there was something wrong with the cabin that I should suppose about. She apologized and told myself and others he couldn’t figure out where the gas furnace was. She could hear it running. She found all the downstairs air vents, and two control units, however he couldn’t find the gas furnace. I asked if he opened the door in the kitchen. It looked love a pantry door, however it had air vents in the door. I would suppose you would have a solid door on the pantry… When he opened the door, I could hear his whisper, ‘there you are’, and then he closed the door. She told myself and others there was entirely a gas furnace in the condo.



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