A typical day at the HVAC company

The first call was from a government office that needed HVAC maintenance.

I headed there since I was the only HVAC technician in the HVAC company who had yet to be assigned work from the previous day.

I arrived forty minutes after they had called and immediately set to work. During my lunch inspection, I noticed a leak in the air duct, and the system also needed duct sealing. Afterward, I went to the next home, where the homeowner required help with indoor comfort through duct cleaning and replacing the air filter. When I saw the state of the ductwork, it was evident that they should have asked for cleaning a year or two before. I work a lot with air quality systems in my line of work, and I am always happy to help families achieve their desired indoor air quality. In some homes, the HVAC unit is enough to accomplish that, but in other places, they must go the extra mile and buy an air purification system to achieve the goal. Some homeowners need to realize that some things, such as duct sealing, can be done during their ac care routine. My last job that day was for a customer who needed a local contractor for home services. It was for installing a new thermostat in a home with one of the most beautiful gardens I had ever seen. Everything was immaculate, and the grass on the lawn was so plush that I could think about walking barefoot. I couldn’t help but commend the homeowner for maintaining such beautiful gardens and lawns.


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