The window air conditioning fell out and broke

Sitting in the study room with my husbandy Tessy talking about what every one of us prefer to do this upcoming weekend and if his child Jason will be joining us.

I guess Jason and I are rocky because he is not used to another older male in his life since his Mom passed.

He is a little overprotective of his mother so Jason coming with us to breakfast, supper, a walk, etc is pretty much expected these days. I don’t care, I easily prefer his mom so he is part of his life and if I want things to succeed he will have to be part of mine as well. The only thing about him is that he prefers to be a little jerk at times toward me however I can handle him, he has 13 and life is a little deranged for him. This month was no exception however instead of doing little things to irritate me, he decided to push my air conditioning out my window, and all I heard was a large bang and my friend yell “hey.” I looked in the study room and there was Jason and I can see that my air conditioning was no longer in the window. I swiftly ran to the open window and saw it broken on the ground. This was the only thing to keep my venue cool and now I’m going to have to buy a new a single. The thing that Jason did not guess already is that with my recent smart thermostat installation put in I already talked to an Heating and Air Conditioning expert about installing central air conditioning. I already have it priced out and with my recent bonus, I can afford to get it installed. He just escalated my process.

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