The farmhouse HVAC system isn't the same anymore

Many people want to alter their lifestyles.

I would have laughed if you had told me ten years ago that I would be residing on a farm with animals.

But that is the reality I live in. Four years ago, I received a cancer diagnosis, and I had to have chemotherapy. I was forced to slow down and consider my life as a result. Although I was moving up the corporate ladder, I still found it depressing to enter our office building each day. I turned in my resignation letter during one of my sessions at the hospital. I bought a 15-acre farm with a farmhouse in my rural home after my sessions were over a year later. The entire area felt comfortable and familiar to me because it belonged to a family I knew when I was younger. It was also comforting to know my parents weren’t too far away. I first brought in some chickens when I first moved into my new farmhouse. After that, I began repairing the farmhouse’s heating and cooling systems. An old oil furnace was present, but it couldn’t be used during the winter because of damage. I requested an inspection from a nearby heating and cooling business. Along with the oil furnace, the enormous window air conditioner was also completed. It was time to modernize the farmhouse for the new millennium. I decided on a contemporary oil furnace because this area requires adequate heating during the winter. I also put in a ductless heat pump for those sweltering summer days. Although neither investment was inexpensive, the farmhouse is now different. I also believe that my mind, body, and soul are experiencing things differently.

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