So I made the choice to give the HEPA filters a try

I decided to try something odd when it came to keeping the indoor air in our home clean.

I am not normally the person to have issues with indoor air pollen levels, normally our indoor air pollen levels is fairly wonderful because I do our best to keep our home clean and our Heating and A/C method well taken care of, however recently I have noticed a little bit of a pattern,ever since I have gotten a pet I’ve noticed that our indoor air pollen levels is worse.

I have not inspected the air or anything, however I can just tell when I breathe in it. I adore our pet however the unlucky truth about cats is, and many pets in general, that they can be quite dirty. Although I do think love cats are especially wonderful at being dirty. I used to have a pet however I don’t have a single anymore, and I never had to worry about the pet running outside and rolling in the mud…the cat, well that’s a odd story… Regardless I adore our pet to bits however I also want our home to be clean and welcoming, then so I started cleaning our house twice a week to help combat the battle with pet dander and pet hair. I also decided that if I really want to make sure I have the best indoor air pollen levels that I should get a HEPA filter. I have heard a lot about these filters and I’ve heard nothing however wonderful things from them. They’re supposed to be really great at filtering out any kind of dirt, bacteria, and irritants that might be floating around in the air. The best part was that our heating and A/C supplier has them available for a cheap price. So I decided to pick up a couple of them. I’ve been using them for a couple of months now and they’ve been great. My pet is ecstatic and I have great indoor air. It’s a win-win.

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