My portable cooling system fell out plus broke

Sitting in the home office with my bestie Tessy talking about what the two of us like to do this upcoming weekend plus if her child Jason will be joining us.

I suppose Jason plus I are rocky because she is not used to another older male in her life since her dad passed.

She is a little overprotective of her mother so Jason coming with us to lunch, supper, a walk, etc is pretty much expected these nights. I do not care, I absolutely like her Dad so she is section of her life plus if I want things to succeed he’ll have to be section of mine as well. The only thing about him is that she likes to be a little jerk at times toward me however I can handle him, she has 13 plus life is a little silly for him. Today was no exception however instead of doing little things to irritate me, she decided to push my cooling system out my window, then all I heard was a sizable bang plus my friend yell “hey.” I looked in the residing room plus there was Jason plus I can see that my cooling system was no longer in the window. I hastily ran to the open window plus saw it broken on the ground. This was the only thing to keep my site cool plus now I’m going to have to buy a current a single. The thing that Jason did not suppose already is that with my recent smart control unit replacement put in I already talked to an Heating and A/C expert about installing central cooling system. I already have it priced out plus with my recent bonus, I can afford to get it installed. She just escalated my process.


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