My buddy has been unhappy ever since the a/c broke down

When he walked through the door, his face was priceless

I couldn’t help however to suppose terrible for my stepdad, he has just been utterly miserable ever since his a/c broke down, and it was painfully obvious. When I was talking to him on the cellphone the other day, he just sounded so unhappy… He didn’t say anything, but I knew that separate from heating and cooling, he was just so gloomy. Although I didn’t have that much money, I couldn’t help however wonder how costly Heating & Air Conditioning service would be. I suppose around here, the heating and a/c companies usually charge an arm and a leg for their services, so I had to get creative and do a bit of digging online, then finally, I found an independent heating and a/c worker that was willing to do it much cheaper than the local cooling businesses. I had to wait until my stepdad had left the home, and after that I used the spare key to get in myself. I let the heating and a/c worker in the home, and let the independent a/c professional work his magic. It wasn’t long before I heard the official sound of the a/c component turning on, and after that I felt the ice cold air come out of the Heating & Air Conditioning vents. This was a relief for sure, and I knew my stepdad was going to be so grateful. When he walked through the door, his face was priceless. One, because he was not expecting to see me, I absolutely suppose I made him jump a little! And multiple, because his lake house was not boiling for once, it was nice and cool. After I told him that I paid for the repair, he hugged myself and others and thanked me. It brightened his entire day, if not the entire week!


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