Many new things are happening in the HVAC technology field

I’m running the timer right now and I have 55 minutes to get my work done for the day and then I’m going to bed.

  • I will then do my yoga and go to the beach to train with a friend later.

It has been freezing out lately and I just feel like staying in the apartment and keeping warm. I am supposed to play songs tonight, but with the windchill reaching to well below freezing, I find it in my best interest to stay inside where it is warm. My friend’s fireplace sounds easily enticing tomorrow and I may go over to her flat to play some chess and stay moderate in the weather controlled flat for the night. She is a lovely girl and I have known her for years. We have been fantastic friends since then. She works at this local company doing energy work and I enjoy talking with her as we are both Heating, Ventilation and A/C reps and have a lot to talk about with the modern things going on in the HVAC technology field. I love her but I’m keeping her in the friend zone because I believe there is a better fit that is going to enter my life in the near future. I will clean my heating equipment this week after my yoga session and I am also going to buy a modern washable HEPA filter at the local Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C supplier. They are having sales on everything right now in hopes of drumming up more company so they can stay afloat.

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