I shouldn't have gotten so many air conditioners

I’m not entirely sure how it happened however somehow I ended up with a large collection of air conditioners, but I suppose it happened gradually over time where I would buy one and then never use it and end up buying another one! At one point I was having some harsh concerns with my central air cooler program in my loft, and so in order to take care of the problem rather than having it repaired I decided to just buy multiple window air conditioners and put one in each of the rooms in my house.

I definitely had one in the dining room, one in the dining room, one in the family room, and one even in the bathroom.

I live in a taxing time so every room of the loft would honestly sizzle if I did not have some sort of air coming in and so this is where the window air conditioners came in handy, and the problem was I did not need these window air conditioners anymore. After using the window AC systems for a while I had upgraded to a ductless mini cut air cooler program and I have been using that, now I really need to figure out what I’m going to do with all these spare window air conditioners. I shall actually keep one or multiple of them with the rest I want to get rid of. I’m thinking I shall actually advertise to my neighbors and see if anybody wants one; and then hopefully someone will come along and option one up and take them off my hands.

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