I keep messing with mom’s guy's control unit

Jerry is not the woman for my mom! I understand she is lonely however I cannot let this woman come in plus act like she has the lady I have been here the last few years since my dad passed plus I do not want a current dad. I’m sure she is ok however it’s just too soon. I thought it would be just Dad plus I figuring it out until I do not suppose when. I just cannot imagine this woman walking into our lives plus taking over. I do things to try plus irritate him, to get him to not come back however everything I do doesn’t do anything, she just shrugs it off plus smiles plus comes back for more. I do not see him much though, I suppose when my Dad plus I go to her house I like to mess with her dryer, TV controls plus up till the last couple of weeks her control unit temperature. I stopped messing with that because she brought in an Heating and A/C worker to install a smart control unit. I suppose she has upgrades on her phone now so it makes no sense to mess with that anymore. I suppose it’s nice I caused him to upgrade her Heating and A/C method however it still doesn’t change the fact she is still around. She might even be around for the long haul! I do not want to suppose about that right now, and things are just getting out of hand plus out of frustration I pushed her cooling system out of her window plus it fell to the ground plus broke. I’m sure he’ll be absolutely glad about this.

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