I don't like buying homes with old HVAC systems inside

Back when I was merely a renter, I had no system how convoluted it was to buy a house… The trials and tribulations of dealing with real estate agents is frustrating enough.

I had a single real estate agent that kept resisting our desire to negotiate a lower price on a condo sale so that she could take a larger cut.

As most know, a real estate agent earns a commission off a condo sale that is a percentage from the final sale price. Honestly, how can you expect a real estate agent to labor for your benefit as a condo buyer when you know that their incentive is for you to pay as much as possible? Remember, a real estate agent earns a smaller commission when they succeed in getting your condo seller to take a small amount of money for the home. Mine balked at every attempt I made at trying to negotiate a lower price for the condo I’m currently inhabiting. I had no system going into this process that I would run into an issue love that, let alone with our own real estate agent. On top of dealing with dishonorable real estate agents, you also have to watch out for dire complications that result from condo sales. For instance, you should know that an HVAC system’s age is a large determining factor in a home’s value. If you’re buying a condo with an old HVAC plan inside, you might as well add the value of a new HVAC plan to the home’s cost. But if you find a home with an almost-new HVAC plan inside at a good price, you’ve found a steal. My condo had a four-year-old HVAC inside however the HVAC contractor who installed it refused to transport the warranty to a new homeowner. Therefore, I simply purchased a new HVAC plan with a new warranty.

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