Gambled on our air conditioning and lost

It’s interesting just how the fact that my HVAC equipment was nearly a quarter of a century old seemed to get by me.

  • Yet, that’s exactly what happened.

Indeed, life is pretty intense right now with a kid in college, one headed there and the last one could inside the central air conditioning forever. So maybe I should cut myself a break. Plus, the heating and cooling comfort inside our home has never once been interrupted. When we moved into this house, we replaced the residential HVAC with some quality HVAC equipment. Right after the heating and cooling equipment was installed, we made sure to sign up for the HVAC service plan. The HVAC service plan is something that is geared toward HVAC maintenance. Of course, there are plenty of other benefits that go with being in this HVAC service plan. But the main benefit was the fact that our HVAC just kept running and running. So maybe that’s why I didn’t pay attention to the fact that the HVAC equipment was as old as it was. Had I paid attention to that I wouldn’t have had to gamble on the air conditioning last summer. The HVAC technician told me that the heat pump probably wouldn’t get through the summer after the annual air conditioning tune up. I hoped that it would so I could save money to replace it. But I lost that bet as the heat pump quit mid August when the heat and humidity of this area is at its worst. Thankfully, the HVAC company had my back with a pair of portable air conditioning units that we could use until the new HVAC equipment arrived.
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