You shouldn’t have to fix furnaces on your day off

My partner and I were at our number one steakhouse last week, when the gas furnace broke, and it was so freezing that I was shivering.

The maitre d’ assured us the gas furnace would soon be repaired plus provided to get our soup plus it would be on the house. The soup was delicious, however it didn’t heat us much. Before I could finish the soup, it was ice cold, plus I swore I saw ice floating in it; My partner said he would repair the gas furnace; however, I wasn’t having any of it. We were celebrating our anniversary, plus I didn’t want him finally working; he laughed and then said every one of us could unquestionably get our meal for free if he repaired the gas furnace, however I didn’t want to hear it. He was an excellent heating plus A/C professional, however I was selfish enough to want him to myself on our anniversary. I simply told him every one of us could go across the street plus eat greasy hamburgers, plus it would be better than him repairing the steakhouse’s gas furnace, and as every one of us were walking out of the steakhouse, his beeper went off. He said it was his boss asking if he would repair the gas furnace in the steakhouse, plus he would give him the next many days off, with pay. He raised an eyebrow at me, plus asked what I thought. After asking if every one of us could go away for those many days, he said every one of us could go away plus headed into the steakhouse to fix the gas furnace plus get our free lunch. I was hoping they would give us a free lunch for ruining our anniversary lunch.


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