She wanted to finalize the HVAC deal

I knew I needed a more current natural gas furnace, and I couldn’t wait for the Heating and Air Conditioning workers to show us what she had in store for us. She said she had many kinds of furnaces that could be perfect for us, although she had to go back to the shop and get all the needed paperwork. When she showed up the following day, she showed us a natural gas furnace that looked enjoy the one the people I was with and I had, but it was much smaller and more compact. She told us it had a higher efficiency rating, and could save us up to 25 percent on our fuel USage, than our old natural gas furnace. She showed us the stats, which impressed both our hubby and I, then all of us then talked about humidification components that went with the natural gas furnace. All of us wouldn’t have a need for humidifiers with the natural gas furnace, since the humidification was built in. The natural gas furnace was said to be more quiet than the old unit, and she told us it was one of the finest they had in their shop. I liked the natural gas furnace she showed us, however I also wanted to talk about other gas furnaces. All of us had hoped to hear about heating pumps, geothermal heating, and other things enjoy that, but all she showed us was a current natural gas furnace. Before she left, she said she wanted to finalize the deal and get the order in. I didn’t even have a contract, so I wasn’t sure how she was going to finalize a deal or a sale. My hubby said that I needed another opinion and wanted to talk to someone else about our options before the people I was with and I settled on anything.


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