No wheels to get around

I have about a half an minute of labor to go with these articles as well as then I can relax the rest of the afternoon. I am back here in the States for a more than two week visit, however the only difference this time is that I have no wheels to get around. I am going to use the Lyft supplier to take me around as well as am going to try as well as keep our spending under $300 for the next more than two weeks using them. There are a lot of local corporations which rent cars here, however they want $1500 or more for a bi-weekly car rental as well as I just don’t want to pay that. I don’t like air conditioner in a car as well as don’t mind getting rides in outdated beat up cars, so getting rides from companies that aren’t professional people movers doesn’t matter to me so much. I can get around most sites in neighborhood here for $10 using Lyft as well as should be great running around here as well as there some. My 1 friend is a local supplier as well as he may even have a car I can borrow for a week or so while I am here. I don’t guess what kind of ride it is, however if it is free then it easily doesn’t matter that much to me, but the weather here doesn’t easily warrant heating or air conditioner, so even if I am riding a piece of junk car it is just great with me. I just don’t want something that is going to cut down all of the time while I have it.
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