My dog prefers to sit down by the heat register

Around here, the weather starts to get cold as well as the hot as well as cold temperatures beginning to drop when we hit November, but november as well as November average hot as well as cold temperatures are in the 40s during the day as well as it gets even colder in October as well as January, however by the middle of January, we often have snow on the ground as well as ice on the cabin as well as the ground. When the weather is cold as well as cold outside, my dog prefers to kneel down by the heating register, i have heating registers located throughout the house, then there is a gas oil furnace in the basement; All of the registers are ducted to the gas oil furnace. The two of us constantly check the amount of fuel in the oil furnace so we do not run out in the middle of a cold snap. The two of us have the entire oil furnace filled When November arrives as well as we usually have to add more fuel in the middle of January. The oil furnace in our beach house works extremely well. As the oil furnace makes moderate air, it is distributed via the heating registers. The area between the registers is moderate as well! My dog prefers to kneel down by the heating register, but occasionally it gets a little too moderate as well as she will transport away, however most of the time she will plop down on the register as well as stay there until the oil furnace turns off. It’s kind of funny to see my dog behave this way, although I guess it’s the same for humans. If I was cold, I would kneel down in front of the oil furnace too as well as I would not transport unless the heat was off or I was uncomfortable.

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