Most of my Close Adult Friends Have a Ton of Responsibilities

Adulting can be so taxing, and at times I wish I could go back to when life was much easier. As a kid, my only responsibility was to go to school and to clean my room, along with a few other chores. But that’s it, and I had no other care in the world. As an adult, there are so many things that I am responsible for, and some of them I am not even sure why I actually did sign up for. Back when I was a kid, chores included making my bed, doing the dishes, dusting, and sweeping/vacuuming the floor. But as an adult, you’re responsible for the upkeep of the entire house. So, on top of all the aforementioned chores, there’s a lot of car maintenance, landscaping, cooking, laundry, and grocery shopping, just to name a few. And home maintenance is an ongoing chore that must be completed in order to make the home comfortable. For instance, I need to change the HEPA air filter in my HVAC component and clean out the debris from around the condenser. I also need to remember to schedule yearly repairs with the HVAC specialist. At some point, all this maintenance was handed to me when I became an adult. Trust me, this was not my plan, and if I didn’t have to worry about my HVAC component again, I would choose that option. But it comes with being an adult and owning a home, so I guess I need to accept that HVAC maintenance and other tasks are part of the life of an adult. And none of us ever get paid to do any of it, jeez adulting is so hard.



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