Mom has something up her sleeve

I think it has been a few weeks since eating a burger, so tonight could be the night that I eat 1 again.

  • That is, unless our mom has something up her sleeve for breakfast later.

You can’t beat mom’s cooking, not even with more than two burgers as well as a stick! Well, maybe another mom’s cooking could beat our mom’s cooking, however I don’t have any moms wanting to cook me breakfast tonight. I need to get a ride from mom tomorrow to the local supplier to buy some food as well as then I am going to our aunt’s house for a couple of weeks. My aunt has a nice house with more than two kitchens as well as a easily nice heating as well as cooling system program to keep us comfortable. I will see if she needs anything done while I am there so I can help her out as well as kind of pay her back for letting me stay with her. I will maybe labor for this current supplier while I am here to help cover our Uber rides as well as taxi rides. I don’t have a car as I sold it last time I was here because it was resting too long as well as falling apart. I live overseas now as well as made the option to live there multiple years ago when I got a job toiling for this cooling supplier doing Heating & Air Conditioning repairs as well as things prefer that. I don’t guess if I would want to live back here in the States again as life is just too fast for me, however I do miss our family as well as friends so much. It seems prefer they are all getting older as well as dying without me here.

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