It’s so Much Cheaper Living in the Southern Part of the Country

Typically, if the temperature is above 55 my home is usually pretty comfortable.

There are pros and cons to residing in the southern region of the country. For instance, the weather is perhaps the greatest reason for choosing to live in the south. Because let’s face it, the cold weather can be brutal and causes us to hibernate like bears for much of the season. Besides the weather, the cost of living is a lot lower in the south, which means your living space will be more comfortable. Additionally, there are lots of scenic places in the south and if you’re fortunate, the beach is just a short distance away. Of course there are downsides, and they include sizzling hot and humid summers, dire storms, plus so much more. The weather is perhaps one of the most obvious, because it can be both a good thing and a downside. Personally, I would rather have warmer weather than to have to deal with the brutal cold and snow. Plus, it’s cheaper to keep a home cool than to keep it warm. So, overall I will pay less money on my energy bill, and in the Winter I only use my HVAC when the weather is lower than 55 degrees outside. Typically, if the temperature is above 55 my home is usually pretty comfortable. So, my HVAC was only used a few times during the colder season. Of course, in the summertime that is quite the opposite, as I use my HVAC component every day to maintain a comfortable living space. I would rather cover the cost of cooling my home in the warmer weeks, than the cost of heating it during the colder weather.

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