I was warm and cozy with the heating running

When mom had the patio enclosed, I never really thought I would be glad about it; I liked being outside at night, plus laying on the actual patio. It was so much nicer to kneel around the pool plus love a sultry night with our friends, but mom wanted to have the patio as another year-round room… She said the people I was with and I could have air conditioning plus heat on the patio, plus I still love the outdoors… The patio was still enclosed in glass plus you felt love you were outside, if it wouldn’t be for the real heating and air conditioning system. I was getting ready to go skiing with our friends for our birthday, when the weather station started talking about blizzard conditions. None of our friends were allowed to go skiing, plus our mom told herself and others no way. She didn’t mind if our friends came over plus spent the weekend, however the people I was with and I weren’t leaving the house. It wasn’t as if any of us knew how to ski well, however the people I was with and I would play in the snow! When mom recommended the people I was with and I have a sleepover on the patio, I squealed. There was a door to go outside, plus the people I was with and I could play in the snow plus come inside. It would be akin to sleeping in a snow globe, plus seeing the snow all around us. The very best thing was that the people I was with and I had the heating and air conditioning system to keep us warm. Mom was pretty smart when she opted to have our patio completely enclosed plus have heating and air conditioning installed. The only time the people I was with and I had to go inside that weekend was to go to the bathroom plus put our PJ’s on.


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