I Cut Costs on my Power Bill by Investing in a Smart Thermostat Unit

With the price of everything rising, chances are that most people are looking for ways to save money. Personally, over the last few weeks I have made some extreme changes, including cutting out Tim Hortons latte because I was spending over $2,300 per year on it. When I used to spend a few bucks for the cup in the afternoons, it didn’t seem like a lot of money, but obviously over time it adds up. With my yearly Tim Hortons latte spending gone I was able to reallocate some of that extra money and use it for something else. I invested in a smart temperature control, and I made this investment after a recommendation from my HVAC specialist. I wanted to think about how to save money on my energy bill, and she proposed to myself and others to get a smart temperature control. And mentioned that with regular use I could save upwards of 22% on my energy bill. She also mentioned that a smart temperature control is easy to program and it can help to better regulate the temperature in my home, and this will of course make it a lot more comfortable for my family. Before she was done telling us all the benefits of having a smart temperature control, I had already decided that it was a smart investment. Not only will it make my home more comfortable, but in a couple years or so the temperature control will pay for itself from the savings. For me, that was enough to justify the investment. I will continue to look for other places to cut costs, however at least I think that heating and cooling my home will no longer cost a year of Tim Hortons lattes.
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