He said it was coming by air mail.

I called the HVAC company last week to ask where my new furnace was? I had ordered it nearly two weeks earlier, but it still hadn’t been delivered. The HVAC company told me I needed to relax, and the furnace should be here any day now. I wanted to know where they ordered the furnace from so I could check the order myself, but he said he didn’t have that information. I would need to talk to the HVAC technician who put the order in, and they could give me more information. I wasn’t going to wait for another phone call. I went onto the HVAC website, and looked up my order. There was nothing there about a furnace, and I didn’t know if there was someplace else I could look. I wasn’t going to call the HVAC company again because they wouldn’t answer me the first time. The following morning, I got a phone call from the HVAC company. They told me my furnace was coming by air mail. I chuckled when I heard this. I could only hope I didn’t have to pay shipping charges if they were sending my furnace via air mail. I called the HVAC company back and asked about the message I just received. The woman apologized and said it was a nasty joke, and the furnace would be delivered in two days. It was now at the HVAC company and they had to put it on the list for installation. It took two weeks to get the furnace, and I hoped it wouldn’t take that long to get it installed.

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