First job was a HVAC installation

My manager had been grooming me to take over his position for weeks as he transitioned to a commercial HVAC provider! I had been a junior HVAC repairman for many and a half years plus worked with several professionals in the HVAC business. My manager is beneficial and has an admirable grasp of the ever-evolving HVAC technology, and there is a phrase he would always say, “care for the devices, and they will care for you.” The term made so much sense when advising shoppers on the importance of regular HVAC repair. It was a joy honestly working with our manager! Before the HVAC professional left, the boss announced that I would take over at the meeting. Part of our job description involved managing the incoming team of techs. They were a team of seven. I had never handled a group in our job, but there is always a first for everything. Before he left, our manager had taken me through weeks of training on managing a team, the proper challenges, and how to solve them. When the team put me under, I took them through our expectations, and we planned to work together to provide quality plus efficient lake beach house services to our shoppers! Our first task was an HVAC installation. The homeowner had made the last change to the new HVAC equipment. The homeowner now wanted the same quality HVAC from a different HVAC brand. I delegated a lot of work to the team. The latest member would install the digital temperature control but under our supervision. In no time we had completed installing the quality HVAC equipment. The HVAC device would help with indoor comfort.

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