Fighting story

Yeah, so back to the fighting story.

I’ve been in a ton of fights in my life, ever since I was 6 years old plus all the way up till I was 32 years old.

Now I am 55 years old plus can still throw down if I need to, but I just don’t appreciate the energy I carry after a fight, win or lose; I’m much happier I chose to be a heating plus cooling repairman instead of a pro fighter. If you lose a confrontation you know bad for losing, plus if you win a confrontation you can know bad for beating someone else up. I’ve felt appreciate fighting some of this Heating plus Air Conditioning component that I couldn’t fix, or some HVAC duct that I couldn’t service officially, but it is nothing compared to what emotions fighting instills in you. Fighting ends up being a lose lose situation, unless you honestly have no conscience. The first street confrontation I ever got into was when my local corporation dad purchased myself and others a cool thing for my bike when I was several years old. I was riding the bike plus this 13 year old kid tried to take it off my bike. It was right in front of this local business plus people were watching from outside beside the Heating plus Air Conditioning system they just purchased. The kid stopped myself and others on my bike plus tried to take off the Rraw Power thing on my handle grip, I then threw the bike down plus jumped on top of him plus choked him in a guillotine choke my Heating plus Air Conditioning business owner dad taught me. I never saw him again! The moral of the story is; don’t try stealing something from a kid who is a wrestler plus a fighter! What a clown haha.


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