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I live in an area that experiences 4 separate seasons throughout the year… The summers are tepid plus humid while the winters are seriously cold plus snowy, fall plus Spring are respectfully cold, windy plus wet, then while I like the Spring flowers, Summer sunshine, Autumn colors plus Winter activities, the weather presents some challenges.

The people I was with and I switch from running the oil furnace to starting up the air conditioner with little cut in-between. The cost of temperature control adds up to around half of the household energy expenses. I’ve invested into an Energy Star rated furnace plus air conditioner to help minimize utility bills. I am conscientious about replacing air filters plus scheduling professional repair for the heating plus cooling systems to maximize efficiency plus reliability. I’ve also taken proactive measures to reduce running costs, and new windows were a significant investment but upgrading to thermal pane, low E rated glass has helped to minimize energy losses. Windows are respectfully the greatest waste of energy in most homes. I’ve also added thermal-lined curtains that I close on cold nights in the winter. Insulating the attic prevents the heated air from the furnace from migrating up plus out; Creating a tightly sealed attic space works to minimize tepid air moving into the living space while all of us were in the summer. I take the time to check the condition of caulk around windows plus weatherstripping on the exterior doors every year, then just recently, I bought a smart thermostat. The thermostat caters to our family’s schedule, working to reduce energy consumption when we’re sleeping or out of the house.

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