At First I was hot

I thought I was starting to get sick last week.

  • I woke up shivering, and couldn’t wait to bundle up with layers of clothes.

Two hours later, I was totally drenched in sweat and stripping off the extra layers and getting down to nearly nothing. This went on throughout the day, and I thought I was getting very sick. Although I didn’t feel poorly, and I felt fine, I knew there was something very wrong. If I had realized it was the temperature control laboring poorly, I would have handled the situation differently, however I wasn’t an Heating and Air Conditioning expert. I knew I was sick, so I just assumed it had something to do with the natural gas furnace; and I was partly right. The temperature control controls the functioning of the natural gas furnace. I called the Heating and Air Conditioning company and told them I needed to have the natural gas furnace tested out and explained about our bouts of being freezing and then very hot. The Heating and Air Conditioning expert arrived and found nothing wrong with the natural gas furnace. She did every test she could to check out the natural gas furnace, but it was fine. The Heating and Air Conditioning expert asked if I could guess of anything, and that was when I told him the natural gas furnace was on for a long time, and then it went back off, which is when it got too cold. She said she had a bright idea, and tested the temperature controls; Once she installed a current temperature control, our natural gas furnace was once again laboring well, however I got sick because of all the temperature swings. The natural gas furnace was still laboring well, and the temperature control was great, but our fever was taking myself and others from hot to freezing and back again, over the next several afternoons.



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