All I wanted for Christmas was a new puppy.

Ever since I was a little girl, my parents would ask me what I wanted for Christmas and I would always tell them I wanted a new puppy. It has now been fifteen years, and I am still waiting for my new puppy. I got clothes one year, a dollhouse another year, and they even got me a car when I turned sixteen, but I didn’t get my puppy. This year, I told my mom and dad I needed a new furnace for my house. I was hoping they would ignore this request and get me a puppy, but I was about to be surprised. I woke up on Christmas Eve and there was a knock on my kitchen door. The HVAC service van sat in my driveway, and I thought they were lost. I asked if I could help and the HVAC technician told me he had a furnace that was to be delivered and installed at this address. I looked at the work order, and my name was on it, but I hadn’t ordered the furnace. He gave me the second page of the work order, and underlined in red were the words, Merry Christmas, Mom and Dad. He must have thought I was crazy when I asked him if he happened to have a puppy in the service van? He laughed and said he didn’t have a puppy, but he did have the furnace. I called mom and dad and thanked them for the furnace, and told them it was about to be installed. Dad told me to quit being snarky because the puppy would arrive in the morning.



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