Wanted a safe area heater for my mother

I wanted nothing to happen to my mom.

I chose to walk into the hardware store recently and asked where they kept their section heaters. The section furnace I kept in my mother’s room had died earlier that week, & I wanted to get something entirely new. I had to wait until I got paid before I could finally purchase the section heater. When I asked the salesperson about the section heaters, he gave me a different look. He asked me if I was serious. With the chilly wave, all the people were coming in for a section heater, in case their heating machine died. The temperatures dropped as much as twenty degrees in less than a single day! Mom was getting older & she couldn’t handle the extreme cold. I wanted to make sure she had a section furnace to help compensate for the cold. I found one section heater, but it didn’t have all the safety features that were important. I wanted to make sure it had tip-over so that when the section furnace accidentally was pushed over, it would automatically turn off. I wanted to make sure the section furnace didn’t need any fuel. It completely frightened me that she would get up in the afternoon & bump into the section furnace & burn herself or the lake residence down. I wanted nothing to happen to my mom. He asked when I needed the section furnace & I told him I wanted it that very day. He told me where to go to find the section furnace & walked away. I walked out of the store & headed approximately 5 miles to their other store. I found the section furnace I wanted, & I took it back to the residence for my mom.


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