The cost of our room was too much

My fiance and I decided to go out of city for a couple of mornings.

The two of us stayed in a hotel that did not meet all of our needs.

The two of us were completely disgratified with their room, especially after all of us saw the place. The cost of the room was a little bit more than I would normally pay for a evening away from the house, but our fiance said that the reviews for the place were pretty good. The two of us were supposed to have a room with a terrace and a view. Instead the clerk at the front desk tried to put us in a room that was on the interior of the hotel. The two of us didn’t even have Windows in our room. I told the clerk that the room was insufficient and all of us got moved to a weird room on the other side of the hotel. The two of us still didn’t have a terrace, but at least all of us had windows and a view. The place was dirty and it looked as if someone had stayed in that room and then all of us were asked to spend the evening there. There was entirely no way that I was going to stay there. The cost of our room was way too much after all of us saw the place and I demanded that all of us go to the front desk and get our money back. The two of us went to a weird hotel that evening that was twice the cost of the first one, but at least the heating and A/C did not have goop coming out of the air vents. The heating and A/C was actually the worst part of the entire room. The air vents were dusty and covered with algae or mold.


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