Service contract causes too much anxiety

Sometimes there are things in life that are supposed to make your existence more convenient…

But in fact they make everything more difficult and strenuous.

If you ask me, cell phones fall into this category fairly often. It’s a great idea to be able to get into touch with friends and family no matter where you both are located, however I think it’s destructive to our mental health to never be alone. Similarly, I think that heating and cooling appliances were an absolutely wonderful idea when they were first invented, but air conditioning units and furnaces actually are a lot more trouble than they’re worth a great deal of the time. On the same token, my service contract for my central heating, cooling, and ventilation system has brought me a lot of anxiety – the same anxiety it was supposed to relieve. You see, when I bought a new air conditioning unit I decided to pay for the routine service contract from the heating and cooling repair shop. This way, they would perform the necessary maintenance services on my cooling system twice a year without me having to remember to make the HVAC appointments. I thought I would be less stressed out with the automatic heating and cooling repair scheduling, but in reality, I’m so distressed. I never know when the Professional Heating and Cooling technicians are going to arrive, so I am always prepared for them to show up in the spring and fall. Eventually I get so stressed that I called the HVAC shop to ask when the maintenance appointment will be. Then I make sure I’m home for the heating and cooling inspection. At that point, I might as well just schedule the maintenance jobs myself.

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