Make the right call to the HVAC company at the first sign of trouble

I have to say, spending nearly 18 months inside the central air conditioning of my home during the pandemic was a real change for me. That’s because I’ve spent my entire adult life going to the office every single day unless I was sick or out of town on vacation. So when they close those offices and that wonderful zone controlled HVAC, I was a bit lost at first. My whole routine and life structure was turned upside down. However, I sure wasn’t about to take any chances with that virus either. Working from home in the safety of my own air conditioning would just have to suffice. I had a hard time working from home initially. But my wife helped a lot as she was sent home to work to the air conditioning safety of our house as well. She suggested that we clear out the guest room and make it a proper office for the both of us. And that was the answer I was looking for. Once we had the dedicated office space, I was much more comfortable and got into a nice rhythm. It’s interesting that the HVAC cabinet right outside the window I faced in our new office. So I’d hear it kicking on and off all day. I didn’t pay as much attention to it as I thought. But one day I noticed a weird sound and it was almost imperceptible. I walked outside to get a better listen and sure enough something was going on. I ended up calling the HVAC company and they came out to have a look. Turns out, I heard a failing part before it turned into a huge disaster. I ended up saving a bunch of money just by paying attention to my HVAC equipment.

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