I don’t care if they don’t accept me being an HVAC tech

My Grandma was a firm believer that ladies should leave men’s tasks to the men, and he said some works were supposed to be done by men, regardless of whether he could do it just as well! When I went to HVAC college, I was sure Grandma was going to have something bad to say to me, and mom told myself and others he saved myself and others from his wrath by not telling him I was going to be an HVAC specialist, but that was three years ago… But now I’m not so sure what to do, and I met our husband at the HVAC contractor and Last month the two of us got engaged.

I wanted to introduce him to our Grandma, but I couldn’t tell him I was an HVAC specialist.

I told Jake not to mention anything to him about where the two of us met, and he was the only 1 who was an HVAC specialist… He told myself and others he was proud of myself and others and what a good HVAC specialist I was, but that wasn’t going to sway our decision. I had to tell him why the two of us couldn’t let our Grandma think the truth. He laughed and said his Grandma thought the same way, however he knew how to handle it. When the two of us got to Grandma’s house, Jake gave him a hug and thanked him for having him over. When he said he couldn’t guess what a beautiful and smart man I was, I was blushing. He then added that without myself and others by his side, he wouldn’t be the HVAC specialist he was… However, grandma took it that I helped him study, and he didn’t need to lie.

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