Arguing with my wife about opening windows and doors while cleaning

My wife is a clean freak.

It has been one of the points of contention in our marriage for many years now.

I will say that I have a lot of patience. I don’t consider myself to be a particularly messy person, but compared to my wife, I might as well be the muppet who has a trash can for a home! My tidiness is essentially being generally unkempt in comparison to her. I take the trash out when it’s time, clean the bathrooms on a semi regular basis, make the bed, and generally tidy up here and there. However, that’s not good enough for my wife! Every single solitary hair in the sink must be wiped up. Dusting is a near constant task. Speaking of which, she has one habit when she deep cleans that I disagree with. She likes to open windows and doorways, particularly when it’s cool outside while she deep cleans the house. My problem with this is that we use a whole home air purifier and do not need any so-called fresh air from the outside. She insists that it brings a freshness to the house to let the outside air in. I have tried to explain to her that all of the dust and allergens and contaminants are let in when she opens all the windows and doors. It just makes our whole home air purifier work harder! The last time we changed the filter on the whole home air purifier, I made sure to do it shortly after she opened the windows and doorways one afternoon to show her the increase in dust and debris. She still wasn’t convinced!


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