Air purifier is worth it’s weight in gold

It’s now confirmed that I have a great deal to learn when it comes to HVAC and indoor air quality. But I’m making strides. Still, I was pretty ignorant about both those topics for a long time. The idea that there could be indoor air pollution was the furthest thing from my mind. I mean we lived in a great house with super residential HVAC. Plus we lived way out in the country. The air here is about as pure as anywhere else on Earth maybe. But the lack of factories are highways and all that smoke doesn’t mean that there aren’t indoor air contaminants lingering in the house. Second, I thought the HVAC air filter was built to remove whatever suspended contaminants there were in the air. I mean, when I change the air filter it sure looks dirty. But that’s also what it was designed to do. Those cheap air filters I always used were made to trap anything that could hurt the HVAC equipment. It had nothing to do with cleaning the air or protecting my health. For that I would need a HEPA filter. And once I learned all about the HVAC and indoor air quality, that’s exactly what I put in. But we also wanted to get the very best indoor air quality we could. The HVAC company told us that air purification was the only way to do it. So now we have a whole home air purification system and it is just remarkable. The air is clean and smells really fresh. And we have the best indoor air quality money can buy.

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