We were happy to learn the roof was fixed ahead of time

After a sizable tree fell on the roof of our household, my wifey and I had to find a roofing business that accepted our insurance.

The tree was just behind our household, however it was close enough to injure our place severely.

The insurance claim was sizable, however we lost significant portions of our household and the roof and everything inside of our household was destroyed as well. The furniture in the kitchen looked like a bomb site. We found a residential roofing business to handle the tough parts of the job. The roofing business told us that it would take 5 afternoons to complete the entire roof including all of the frame and the shingles. My wifey and I stayed in a hotel while the roofing business diagnosed the household. On the morning of the 4th day, I went to check on the progress of the roof. I honestly was pleased to see that most of the job was done. I talked to the foreman on the roofing job and she told me that they plan to finish up by the end of the day, a full day ahead of schedule. I was actually very thrilled to hear that news, because my wifey and I were very sick of sleeping in the hotel room. The bed was lumpy and there were only 13 channels on the cable tv. We had a view of the parking lot and a guy next door that made noise all night long. We were more than ready to come back to our household and sleep in our bed.


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