The air quality in the grain silo

The idea to convert the old grain silo was Kenny’s, but I am the one who made it happen.

Kenny is well known for having amazing ideas, but no motivation.

He is very smart, but equally lazy. He mentioned that if the grain silo was property cleaned out and restored it would make a great place to live. It was large enough for a bedroom, a bathroom, and kitchen/dining room area. Since I knew Kenny would never do it himself, I decided to steal his idea so that I could live there. Before I could start work I had to remedy the air quality. The air quality inside a grain silo is toxic, and highly flammable because of the residual grain dust in the air. Opening everything up for natural ventilation is the first step, but far from the last. Natural ventilation will only take you so far in a situation like this, I had to get an industrial vacuum and really clean every nook and cranny of the silo. After that I set up two large air purifiers near the doors, but still left the entire silo standing open. For about two weeks I just let the air purifiers run, trying to clear out the air as much as possible. When I thought it was safe I finally closed the silo, but left the air purifiers running at full power. By that point, the air quality in the old grain silo was improving and I could move on to the next step of my renovation. It’s going great so far!


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