Security system as a precaution

My husband and I grew up in the same small town where we live now. We were high school sweethearts. Although we went away to college, we both wanted to come back and settle near our families. The area is largely a farming community. When we were kids, no one locked their houses or cars. There was no crime to speak of. Over the years, the situation has changed. There have been multiple break-ins and vandalism. In most cases, the door is forced open during the middle of the workday when the house is typically empty. The intruders rush through the living space, grabbing valuables very quickly. They take jewelry, cash, small and electronics. Power tools have been stolen out of quite a few garages in the neighborhood. There have even been some instances of big appliances removed from vacant rental properties. My husband and I decided to take precautions. We knew that installing a security system is often enough to deter a break-in. We made sure that the surveillance cameras are very obvious. Our security system includes motion-activated lights all the way around the house. There are signs staked into the ground that display the name of the security company who installed and monitors the system. We pay a fee for 24/7 access to the security company. If someone enters the house without punching in the proper code, an alarm sounds and the security company alerts the proper authorities. We haven’t had any problems since adding the security system. I definitely feel more confident stepping inside the house when I return from work.
Building Access Control System

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