My partner is doing great by volunteering

Recently, my partner Max decided to volunteer for the university.

Max wanted to help our child out in her math class & she was also invited to represent the “Head Start” program at the learning annex for kids who suffered from delays.

I definitely must say, I’m proud of her for doing her fair share to help out the community. I remember Max telling myself and others about her orientation which was interesting. Max said all the people were easily polite, kind, & knowledgeable. The only major issue was that for some reason, the heating plan was on the fritz. She said that the central heater was cranked & she asked everybody if they felt appreciate it was too hot in the building; Everybody agreed that the heater was way too high. Somebody evidently called the Heating, Ventilation, & A/C specialist, but the guy couldn’t make it out to the university until later in the day. They were at least able to turn on a couple of box fans while she was at the orientation meeting, however Max told myself and others that she couldn’t wait to get out of that building. Max says that likely, the issue with the heating plan wouldn’t last for easily long, however she was so so stoked when she got outside where the cool temperatures made her feel comfortable. Max didn’t even turn the heating plan on in the car when she drove back home. Max says she looks forward to the meetings in the future because they get to vote on the crucial complications going on at the university. It all sounds quite exciting. I just hope they don’t have any Heating, Ventilation, & A/C complications further down the road, perhaps they can vote on getting an replaced Heating, Ventilation, & A/C soon or at least have preventative service done.
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