I’m going to have to get something to keep my fish warm

I’m really going to have to get something to keep my fish warm throughout the winter.

I have had the same five koi fish out in my pond for the past three years now.

I have gotten pretty attached to them, to tell you the truth. During the spring and the summer, I go out there every single day and sit by the pond to relax. I feed them and some of them will even come up to eat right out of my hand. They have brought me a lot of joy over the past few years. The last thing I want to do is accidentally kill them because I let the water temperature get too cold during the winter! The weather has already started cooling down here, and I’m starting to worry about what I’m going to do during the winter this season. The heating system that I had for my pond last year went out, and it’s not working anymore at all. Even worse, the outdoor recreation and pond store that I usually go to went out of business at the end of the summer and so now I don’t have anyone to ask my questions to. I have been looking online for different heating systems for the pond, but for some reason, I keep on getting redirected to HVAC websites instead of outdoor pond websites. I don’t understand what’s going on with that. I guess I could just go ahead and call up the local HVAC company and ask them what their suggestions might be. I don’t think that most HVAC companies specialize in heating outdoor ponds for fish.



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