I learned recently that I should use something to help with humidity

I learned recently that I should use something to help with the humidity in my house.

Up until just recently, I had no idea that the humidity was so directly affected by the heat in the house.

I did not know that in order to keep the humidity out of my house, I would need to run the air conditioning so much during the summer. I guess it just was not something that I ever really learned about because I did not have a reason to. Prior to living here, I lived in areas that don’t have very much humidity at all. We lived out in the western part of the country, and so the heat that we encountered during the hot summers there was actually a dry heat. We ran the air conditioning, but it was more for the high temperatures and less for the humidity. Now that we live here in the southern part of the country, the air conditioning is not only important for taking care of the high temperatures in the summer, but it’s mainly for the humidity problems! I could live with the heat here because it’s not as hot as it was out in the desert. However, what I cannot live with is the high humidity. It’s just miserable to walk into a room in your house and feel like the whole place is moist. Your clothes never feel like they dry out and it’s just an all around terrible feeling. That’s why I ended up getting an extra high efficiency air conditioning unit to run in my house. The air conditioning actually removes the humidity from the air, and that is really important to me.


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