I haven’t used my heating equipment all this time

It isn’t as tepid as it was a month back or so but we are still having a lot warmer weather than this time last year. I am totally good with this because the winter can be especially frigid for numerous months. My mom said it is still hot back where I am from in the States. I guess the whole world is having some warmer than normal weather but I bet it is going to start cooling down when the middle of this month finally arrives… Usually by Thanksgiving I am running the central furnace in my home, so let us see what happens over the next three weeks and if history repeats itself… I have an electric furnace, which is getting up there in years, and I am sure it is going to need to be replaced fairly soon. I will look into other ones and see if I can get something that is energy efficient. I heard that a gas furnace is definitely more efficient but I need to see how much they cost and if it is something I can afford to buy. If it costs too much then I will wait till next winter to buy it and just make it through this winter separate from using the heat so much. I also have a small radiant space furnace that I can use to keep hot so I won’t have to be freezing the whole winter this year. I can always just wear more clothes in the place, or maybe the weather won’t be so frigid this winter.


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