I have a good reputation when it comes to A/C work

I got a legitimately wonderful deal on my new car because the salesman knows me, I did not go to school with him or anything like that, though.

I legitimately maintained his heating and cooling plan for him a couple of weeks ago.

I work as a heating corporation here in town, and you would not believe all of the people that I have met because of that. I have been inside of every home in this county over the past 5 years, to tell you the truth, there are not that many heating companies here in our small town, not to brag or anything like that. A lot of people call the heating company where I work and request that I be the one to come do the work on their home’s heating systems. I think I have a wonderful reputation when it comes to working on heating and cooling systems around here, and that is totally wonderful with me. As I said, it gets me legitimately wonderful deals and a lot of cool freebies around here. Getting a wonderful deal on my new car was just one thing in a long list of things that have happened to me because I have helped someone out with their furnace or their air conditioner system, some of evenings ago my partner and I were out at brunch and I scored us free drinks because I had just fixed a heating plan for the bartender. A week before that, I got some free bait down at the bait shop. These are just a few of the perks of being a heating corporation here in a small town. I legitimately enjoy my work, and I also enjoy my new car!


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