I had to relocate where I write my book

I had the idea about a year ago that I wanted to write my first book, but I had difficulty putting words on paper because I was overwhelmed by the idea.

As I had not planned out how I would write it in advance, I had no idea how it would turn out. After a great deal of thinking and wondering about what I wanted to say in this book, I took a bit of time to come up with the best format and organization to make this book useful for readers. My real life got too busy after a while and I was unable to focus on the book because of my busy schedule. After I finally found the time to write my book, I decided it was time to get started as soon as possible. One thing kept getting in the way of my concentration as I sat at my desk, generating plot points and ideas. That was the air conditioning system I had. I was running the air conditioning system at high speed due to the extreme heat of the summer. Since the desk was directly under the air vent, every time I tried to write something down on paper, the cool air would blow the paper off the desk. As a result of my frustration, I turned the air conditioner off several times. The house became very hot inside when I did that though! To work on my book, I eventually moved to a new location.

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