A small A/C unit for the dojo

My wife Bonnie is very involved in martial arts.

Some people like going to the gym, but when Bonnie decided she wanted to change her lifestyle she decided to join a dojo.

Over the following 2 years she lost a lot of weight, and found a new confidence in herself. All of that started to change when another business bought the dojo, and converted it into one of their franchised workout centers. Bonnie was pretty upset, and so I hatched an idea to cheer her up. I cleared out the old workshed, hung some new drywall and painted it, and then bought a portable air conditioner for it. It took a couple of weeks, but when I was done Bonnie had her own private air conditioned dojo in the backyard. The main problem I had to overcome was finding a powerful enough air conditioner that took up the least amount of space. The work shed is only 12 by 12, and with the corrugated steel roof it sucks up the sun better than any solar panel and converts it into intense heating. The air conditioner had to be able to keep the summer heat at bay, while not taking up half the room. As much as Bonnie needed a good A/C unit she also needed plenty of space to practice her routines. I did some research online, and found a really nice air conditioner on Amazon that seemed to fit all my criteria. The bottom line is that Bonnie needs to like it, or else I will have to find a different air conditioner for her.

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