I can’t cook during summer because of the heat

I have had a lot of problems with my health for as long as I can remember, however my diet has to be extremely strict and highly regulated or else I am non-functional… However, this is a challenge when you have a busy life and try to live on pre-made convenient foods! However it turns out that things get even more hard when you do not have the ability to cook for yourself.

Recently, I observed that our utility bills were getting way too high throughout the summer, then I couldn’t figure out why our air conditioning method was using so much extra energy until I realized that I had been filling the home with a lot of extra heat.

In fact, roughly 3 times a morning I was counteracting the powerful air conditioning component by turning up a bunch of heat in the family room to prepare my meals; every time I turned on the stove or oven I was pumping moderate air into our temperature controlled environment. This was causing the temperature control which was situated nearby the stove to turn on the AC component and turn up the air conditioning power! Over and over again, I was shooting the cooling method in the foot with my attempts to eat healthily, now, I have developed a current rule for myself… I only eat cold, raw foods in the summertime so that our Central heating, cooling, and air quality control method is not being overworked. In the Winter I can cook all of the moderate delights that I crave, because my family room efforts will legitimately be assisting the forced air furnace in keeping our home toasty warm! But until the temperature drops outside, I am also not going to be pumping heat into our carefully weather conditions-controlled home.

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