Prepping for Winter time now

For sure, I’m right in the middle of our number one time of year.

  • The central air conditioning is kicking on a bit more now that we’re heading into September.

That’s just good with me because I love the summer. Where every one of us live, there is just not enough summer time weather to suit me. Of course, our summer time weather is nothing compared to the blast heating system that our southern neighbors deal with. In fact, the house I grew up in had no central air conditioning at all. Frankly, I can see how central air conditioning can be viewed as a luxury. But I’m honestly getting out of the air conditioning a bit more in order to get things ready for winter. I had a wood stove installed this Springtime. Finally, I’m getting truly dire about tackling the high cost of Heating plus Air Conditioning heating. The wood stove will function as both a supplemental heating source plus an emergency source of heating. This will save a bunch of money when it comes to paying the utility bills while in our long, cold winter. But I’m not stopping at just the supplemental heat source. I’m making the necessary preparation when it comes to the house as well. This is overdue really. I’ve been meaning to seal up the house far before I decided on the wood stove. So I’m taking parts of the summer time to get out of the air conditioning plus seal up the exterior of the house, add more insulation plus upgrade all the weather stripping as well. I know all of this effort is truly going to pay off. I’m so gleeful to see what sort of savings I gain for our efforts.

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