Being present actually helped me save a ton on an HVAC repair

For me, I do my best to simply take as much positive from whatever is happening.

And indeed, at the height of the pandemic, that was not an easy thing to achieve.

Right away, I was having to figure out how to work when not inside the zone controlled HVAC of the office. Being at home with the rest of my family was a challenge when it came to finding a place to work quietly. As the first month bled over to the second month, I knew that I needed a place to myself to get my work completed. So I chose to clean out the guest room so I could close a door and be quiet enough to focus. But what I also found with all that time at home staying in the safety of the central air conditioning, I got a bit more present. It sort of dawned on me that with my work schedule and all the other stuff I was trying to do, I just wasn’t sitting with myself. So I decided to lean into it and get to meditating on a daily basis. It actually turns out that I’m into it. Just that time each day that summer in the HVAC cooling of my house was something I looked forward to. I was stunned by how much I realized I just didn’t need all that other stuff. Spending the amount of time inside the commercial HVAC of the office was enough. The rest of my time I wanted to devote to my family and to myself. I ended up getting so present and in the moment that I was even able to hear a variation in the HVAC unit before it became a big problem. I ended up calling the HVAC professionals who were able to fix it for a minimal service charge.


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