Wrong settings on the cooling equipment almost ruined my son's cake

My son wanted to bake a birthday cake for his father.

Ty has always loved everything to do with pastries.

The problem occurred when he iced the cake, and we had no room in the fridge to place it. He had the brilliant idea of leaving the cake in my room and setting the temperature low. Our ductless heat pump was a zoned system, so it was possible to compromise only one of the rooms, mainly because it was on the upper floor, which we would not frequent. With the rush of leaving the house for a delivery, he increased instead of decreasing the temperature. We only spent ten minutes during the delivery since it was within the neighborhood. When we returned, and Ty saw the cake, he almost cried, but I offered to help him fix the cake. Ty had even suggested that we call the air conditioning business and get a cooling specialist to improve the air conditioning system because he thought it was faulty. After a close inspection of the thermostat, I assured him that an air conditioning repair was unnecessary because nothing was wrong with the cooling equipment. The incident served as a reminder that we were due for an air conditioning tune-up, helping my cousin decide on some of the cooling products she had selected. The a/c rep gave her a few suggestions, including the latest cooling technology. She then contacted the air conditioning expert once she had chosen the cooling equipment. It would be her first air conditioning installation since she moved out of where she had been living, and so far, she had learned much more about air conditioning.


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